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Journal Information

Aims & Scope

Nature Reviews Neurology aims to be the premier source of reviews and commentaries for the scientific and clinical communities we serve. We strive to publish articles that are authoritative, accessible and enhanced with clearly understandable figures, tables and other display items. We want to provide an unparalleled service to authors, referees and readers, and we work hard to maximize the usefulness and impact of each article. The journal publishes Research Highlights, Comments, News & Views, Reviews, Consensus Statements and Perspectives relevant to researchers and clinicians working in the field of neurology, with our broad scope ensuring that the work we publish reaches the widest possible audience. This page gives more detail about the aims and scope of the journal.

Issues :

No.1 January 2021
Focusing ultrasound in the brain, inspired by the Review on p7
No.2 February 2021
Advances in deep brain stimulation technology, inspired by the Review on p75
No.3 March 2021
Mapping loss of consciousness, inspired by the Review on p135
No.4 April 2021
Microglia in the tumour microenvironment, inspired by the Review on p243.
No.5 May 2021
Cycles in epilepsy, inspired by the Review on p267.
No.6 June 2021
Modelling neurodegenerative disease with hiPSCs, inspired by the Perspective on p381.
No.7 July 2021
Manual therapies for hemiparetic cerebral palsy, inspired by the Review on p415
No.8 August 2021
MRI biomarkers in neuro-oncology, inspired by the Review on p486.
No.9 September 2021
The human connectome in Alzheimer disease, inspired by the Review on p545.
No.10 October 2021
Evolving concepts in 4-repeat tauopathies, inspired by the Review on p601.
No.11 November 2021
PET imaging in multiple sclerosis, inspired by the Review on p663.
No.12 December 2021
Mechanism-based drug development in neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorders, inspired by the Review on p759.

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