Musculoskeletal Pain (Common Clinical Presentations) (Original PDF from Publisher)

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By Mehmet Cenk Turgut, Serdar Toy

With the increasing interest in sports and the prolongation of life expectancy, the frequency of musculoskeletal pain is increasing day by day. Musculoskeletal pain, which is included in the differential diagnosis of every physician regardless of branch, can cause serious problems in people’s daily lives. People’s unresolved pain disrupts their social lives and brings along various psychological problems. When this becomes a vicious cycle, it creates pain that cannot be solved. In this book, the possibilities of recognizing and understanding pain and taking an active role in the treatment process are presented. This book, which offers a deep examination of the physiology and genetics of pain, provides an approach to the causes and treatments of musculoskeletal pain that physicians frequently encounter in their daily clinics. We hope that this book, which we have prepared with the contributions of all relevant specialists, will be a book that our physicians will frequently benefit from.

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