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AFK Contributors Team

Good & Limited Opportunities for everyone!


You have many good medical Ebooks?

You have access to good Ebook databases/other Ebook websites?

You want to contribute to help the medical community?

And you want to get even more points on AFKebooks?

Join AFKebooks Contributors Team now!


You can now post the books you have on AFKebooks. We’ll check your book quality and will decide whether to accept your post or not. If accepted, ALL the points that other members buy your book will go to your account!


How to join AFKebooks Contributors Team?

1) Your books MUST be Original books in PDF format (i.e, they are not FREE on any website).

2) You must prove that you have access to good books or to some forums/databases that have good ebooks.

3) Contact us via email with your details (prove that you can provide Original books), we’ll consider to upgrade your account to Contributors within 24 hours: [email protected].


Some rules:

1) We’ll check each book, if your book is free somewhere or some other member has already posted or it has low quality, we’ll delete your post.

2) Try to follow the sample format of other posts, make your post easy to read. Contact us if you have any trouble.

3) Admin can adjust the price of the book if your price is not appropriate.

4) We’ll award some bonus points for each book you post, depending on how good quality and how rare it is.

4 thoughts on “AFK Contributors Team

  1. Dear Sir,

    i sent you this book time ago to help me compressing it after i scanned it, now i did it for myself, but i want to publish this book on your site under this category, i’m sure most pharmacists will like it so much as it’s highly demanded book and you still can write it’s a scan and not an original PDF, by the way there’s no original PDF for this book, check it yourself, and it’s not present anywhere on the net, and please sell it high, it’s expensive and highly demanded, not less than 100 point, you can try, you won’t lose anything.
    my regards

    1. Dear sir, thank you for thank. Please contact us via email and send us the file, we will check the file quality and upload it to our site. We will also award you points for the contribution.


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