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Fundamentals of Musculoskeletal Ultrasound 2020 (CME VIDEOS)

Written by | 24/02/2021 | 0 comments

24 Videos +1 PDF
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Comprehensive lectures reviewing upper extremity pathology as seen with ultrasound Scanning demonstrations reviewing step-by-step ultrasound protocols


This course will be of interest to physicians, sonography technologists, and medical professionals in the fields related to musculoskeletal system. Those with little musculoskeletal experience, as well as those wanting to refine skills are both welcome.

Learning Objectives

– Describe the anatomy of the upper extremity.
– List the basic components of upper extremity ultrasound examination.
– Recognize major anatomical structures.
– Recognize common pathology of the musculoskeletal system as seen at ultrasound.
– Describe ultrasound-guided interventional techniques.

Topics :

0A Jacobson US Image Optimization Artifacts
0B Jacobson Needle Guidance Tech
1A Jacobson Sho US Anatomy Scan Tech
1C Jacobson Rotator Cuff Part 1 Tears
1D Jacobson Rot Cuff Part 2 Misc
1E Jacobson Shoulder US Pitfalls
1F Shoulder Biceps Brachi
1G Jacobson Sho Bursal Other
1H Jacobson Shoulder Trauma Masses
1I Jacobson Sho Postop
1J Jacobson Sho Interv
2A Jacobson Elb Anat Scan Tech
2C Jacobson Elb Joint Bursa
2D Jacobson Elb Epicondylitis
2E Jacobson Elb Bic Tric
2F Jacobson Elb Lig
2G Jacobson Elb Nerves
2H Jacobson Elb Intervention
3A Jacobson Wr Hand Anat Scan Tech
3C Jacobson Wr Hand Tendons
3D Jacobson HD WR Rheum
3E Jacobson Wr Hand Nerve
3F Jacobson Wr Hand Ligaments
3G Jacobson Wr Hand Cyst Mass

Release Date : September 19-20, 2020

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