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About the Journal

​​​​​​​Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine is a highly regarded journal offering insightful editorials and on-the-mark invited reviews, covering key subjects such as asthma; cystic fibrosis; infectious diseases; diseases of the pleura; and sleep and respiratory neurobiology. Published bimonthly, each issue of Current Opinion in Pulmonary Medicine introduces world renowned guest editors and internationally recognized academics within the pulmonary field, delivering a widespread selection of expert assessments on the latest developments from the most recent literature.


Volume 27, January 2021, Issue 1, pp: v-vii,1-60
Volume 27, March 2021, Issue 2, pp: v-vi,61-140
Volume 27, May 2021, Issue 3, pp: v-vi,141-223
Volume 27, July 2021, Issue 4, pp: v-vi,225-283
Volume 27, September 2021, Issue 5, pp: vii-ix,285-489
Volume 27, November 2021, Issue 6, pp: v-vi,491-599

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