ARRS Understanding MR Safety Through AI Software Simulation 2021 (CME VIDEOS)

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Despite nearly four decades of applied use, MRI incident and accident rates have not significantly fallen. As the only diagnostic imaging modality that uses four separate energy fields for image generation, MRI operators and overseers often do not understand the associated risks, much less how to mitigate them. Using a custom-designed safety simulator with AI software developed specifically for practicing radiologists, this Online Course emphasizes clinical comprehension of MRI via graphic display and visual aids, instead of formal mathematics.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • List the main fields/forces associated with MR scanners and the MR imaging process.
  • Describe the locations in the MR scanner bore of maximum STRENGTH of the various fields and energies used in the MR imaging process.
  • Discuss the main risks associated with each energy/field used in the MR imaging process.

Speakers and Lectures

  • Understanding MR Safety Through AI Software Simulation—E. Kanal

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