ARRS A Synoptic Primer on the RADS 2021 (CME VIDEOS)

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The American College of Radiology Reporting and Data Systems (RADS) standardize the lexicon and assessment criteria for various disease processes. With special emphasis on applied applications, this Online Course offers a comprehensive review of various -RADS, including thyroid, chest, and abdomen fundamentals, allowing for systematic diagnoses of lung, liver, colon, prostate, thyroid, and ovarian cancers.

Learning Outcomes

After completing this course, the learner should be able to:

  • Discuss the advantages of standardized systems for clinical interpretation and their impact on patient outcomes.
  • Describe the tools that can help in implementation of -RADS.
  • Describe the overarching goals of -RADS.

Speakers and Lectures

RADS Part 1: What, When, in Whom, and Why?

  • RADS: Why Do We Need Them?—V. Chernyak
  • TI-RADS: Standardized Management of Thyroid Nodules—A. Kamaya
  • Screening Lung Cancer With LI-RADS—A. Bader
  • LI-RADS v2018: CT/MRI Diagnostic Algorithm—K. Fowler

RADS Part 2: How to Integrate Into Our Practice?

  • How to Incorporate RADS Into Your Practice—A. Kielar
  • C-RADS: Keys to Effective Use—J. Yee
  • O-RADS: Where Are We Now?—K. Maturen
  • PI-RADS: Where Are We Now?—N. Tan

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