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Mission: Promoting scientific discovery and knowledge in perioperative, critical care, and pain medicine to advance patient care.

ANESTHESIOLOGY leads the world in publishing and disseminating the highest quality work to inform daily clinical practice and transform the practice of medicine in the specialty.

  • Journal Impact Factor: 7.892 (5-year 8.139) in 2021
  • NEW! Journal Citation Indicator: 2.56* — Ranked #1 in the field.
    (Learn more about this new, field-normalized measurement of journal citation impact here.)
  • Citation half-life: 11.4 years

Founded in 1940, ANESTHESIOLOGY is the official journal of the American Society of Anesthesiologists but operates with complete editorial autonomy. With an independent and internationally recognized Editorial Board. The broad dissemination of the research published in the journal includes an active social media program and additional tools designed to engage readers with the content.


Tools to elevate and deepen your understanding of the latest research and its clinical implications

Every issue of ANESTHESIOLOGY includes multimedia and interactives that add context to the research published and allow for learning in a variety of formats. Monthly features include:

  • VISUAL ABSTRACTS: A single, at-a-glance, pictorial overview of the main findings in select articles. View sample.
  • VIDEO ABSTRACTS: 3–5-min summary of a featured research article via a narrated and illustrated video presentation. View samples.
  • INFOGRAPHICS: An intuitive visual representation of complex data derived from articles. View sample.
  • INTERVIEWS WITH AUTHORS: Insights directly from authors and editorialists. Author podcasts are available in iTunes and Google Play. Access our archive.
  • PODCASTS: Engaging commentary from the Editor-in-Chief highlighting selected issue content. Available in English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, and French and on  iTunes and Google Play.
  • PERSPECTIVES IN CONNECTED COMMENTARY: Editorials offering new and/or unique viewpoints on topics in published articles. View sample.
  • JOURNAL CME: Obtain continuing medical education (CME) credit for reading select ANESTHESIOLOGY articles. Journal CME is open to all readers. Learn more here.

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Volume 134, Number 1
Volume 134, Number 2
Volume 134, Number 3
Volume 134, Number 4
Volume 134, Number 5
Volume 134, Number 6
Volume 135, Number 1
Volume 135, Number 2
Volume 135, Number 3
Volume 135, Number 4
Volume 135, Number 5
Volume 135, Number 6

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