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AMBOSS Step 1 Qbank 2021 – Block-wise version (Complete Questions + Explanations, Original HTML-converted PDF)

Written by | 16/03/2021 | 2 comments

77 PDF files (18 blocks), 2686 Questions, Searchable, Complete Bookmark, Questions + Answers + Explanation
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This PDF is directly created from the AMBOSS Qbank Website by Afkebooks team

It is NOT screenshot pictures! The quality is of Original PDF.

2686 Block-wise Questions + Answers + Full Explanation included!

True text, Original quality, Searchable, Fully bookmarked


18 BLOCKS (77 PDF files)

  1. Behavioral Health
  2. Biostatistics Epidemiology/Population Health
  3. Blood Lymphoreticular Systems
  4. Cardiovascular System
  5. Endocrine System
  6. Female Reproductive System Breast
  7. Gastrointestinal System
  8. General Principles of Foundational Science
  9. Immune System
  10. Male Reproductive System
  11. Multisystem Processes Disorders
  12. Musculoskeletal System
  13. Nervous System Special Senses
  14. Pregnancy, Childbirth the Puerperium
  15. Renal Urinary Systems
  16. Respiratory System
  17. Skin Subcutaneous Tissue
  18. Social Sciences


AMBOSS is the only platform that covers you throughout all your years of medical school and into your residency. Even after Step 1, AMBOSS is there for you with high-yield material for Step 2 CK and CS and all your NBME Shelf exams. Our library acts as a trusty clinical companion on the wards, ready for you to reference at your point-of-care needs.

Our Step 1 content, as well as the rest of our exam materials, are developed and curated via a rigorous internal peer-reviewed process powered by over 50 physicians who have scored in the top percentiles on their USMLE Step and NBME Shelf exams. It’s our way of ensuring that all content is clear, comprehensive, and relevant to your studying needs.


Extracted in March 2021

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