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MedQuest Hospital Boot Camp 2016 (Full HD 1080 Videos)

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Format: Full HD 1080 Videos (.TS) (4100 MB)
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Welcome to Hospital Boot Camp!

Are you starting internship, feeling lost and overwhelmed? A third or fourth year medical student who wants to stand out on rotations and be remembered during residency interviews? Or are you an international graduate, looking for insight into the American hospital system?

Created by renowned medical educator Chris Paras, and in conjunction with Conrad Fischer, this course is designed to relieve your anxiety about life in the hospital and teach what you need to know to succeed. Get in shape with Boot Camp, and perform like a rock star!

3 videos
Total Video Duration: 2 hours 13 minutes 56 seconds
Day 1: 1:23:01
Day 2: 38:53
Day 3: 21:02


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